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When it comes to servicing your HVAC system, you want a company you can trust to provide long-lasting, money-saving results without fail. At Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, we hire the best technicians in the business and train them to provide exceptional service. We back it up with quality heating and cooling products and parts that are built to last.

Whether you need a quick ac tune-up or a fast air conditioner, we can handle the job and guarantee your satisfaction. Our proven record of success speaks for itself, as is evident by our 5-star customer ratings and reviews. We invite you to experience what HVAC service is supposed to be like by contacting us today.

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We Have a Qualified HVAC Technician for Every Job!

Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is your one-stop HVAC service provider for all your needs. Our Colorado-certified technicians are trained to work on any project for all brands and models. We tackle the small and big jobs alike. Some of our main services include:


The perfect heating and cooling system offers plenty of comfortable air at a lower cost. Today’s products come with many features, including SMART and programmable thermostats, HEPA filters, air quality systems, and zoned temperature control. Our comfort co-pilots will help you find the right product for your home and install it to your specifications.


You can avoid costly repairs and high energy bills by scheduling routine maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner. Our HVAC maintenance service includes a full inspection, cleaning, calibration, and part adjustment. We fine-tune your cooling and heating systems for consistent performance to get you through the hottest and coldest months of the year.


A breakdown can compromise your family’s comfort and safety when it's too hot or cold outside. Our 24/7 emergency HVAC repair service in Greeley is designed to get your ac up and running again with little disruption. Contact us today, and we’ll dispatch an HVAC technician to your home. Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC offers fast, dependable repair service when you need it the most.


If your unit is more than 10 years old and giving you problems, it may be time to say goodbye and get a new one. With efficiency higher than ever, now’s the time to invest in a brand-new, heating and cooling system. We can pull out the old equipment and give your home the upgrade it needs. Call today for an estimate on a Johnstown AC replacement.

We’re Certified to Work on All Heating and Cooling Systems

Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC technicians work on all heating and cooling systems old and new. Below are a sampling of the equipment we service:


A quality furnace keeps your home warm and toasty through the harshest Galeton winters. We recommend scheduling service in the late summer/early fall before you turn the unit on for the first time. We install and service electric and gas furnaces. If you need furnace repair in Weld County, Colorado, call us at (970) 356-4111.

Warm Yourself Up

Air Conditioners

Even though Galeton summers are tolerable, most homeowners prefer to have an air conditioner that keeps cool, dry air circulating. Air Solutions can install and maintain your AC so that it runs smoothly during the warm season. We provide 24/7 emergency AC repair.

Keep Cool in Galeton

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are like a heating and cooling system wrapped into one. They warm the house during the winter and cool it in the summer. Heat pumps are durable, efficient, and easy to install. Contact us today if you need a replacement or want to switch to a heat pump. And, yes, we can also handle any Galeton heat pump repairs that may be needed.

Get Heat Pump Service


Many homes in Galeton still use boilers to heat their homes. They are durable systems, however, many boilers are older systems that require service. Whether you need boiler repair, maintenance, or replacement, our HVAC technicians are always ready to help.

Opt for Boiler Expertise

Ductless Mini-Splits

Like a traditional heat pump, a mini-split ductless AC also provides heating and cooling. The difference is that you use them in targeted areas in your home. They’re great as a supplement or alternative to traditional heat in Galeton. They’re also easy to install and highly efficient. We provide complete installation and can service your ductless AC or heater as needed.

Go Ductless in Galeton

Breathe Easier with Our Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoor air in Galeton. Concentrations of pollutants can be up to five times higher. Dirty air not only contributes to numerous health problems, but it can also create more house cleaning.

What’s floating around the air in your home? It’s likely mold, pollen, pet dander, secondhand smoke, formaldehyde, household cleaners, carbon monoxide, and paint fumes. To clean the air, you need more than proper ventilation. A proper air purification and/or humidity control system can remove up to 99.9% of the harmful particles and make the air easier to breathe.

We offer highly effective indoor air quality solutions to clean the air and remove harmful contaminants and particles. Our products and services include:

  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • High-Efficiency Filters
  • Germicidal UV Lights
  • Air Purifiers
  • Air Exchanger
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Ductwork Services

Contact Air Solutions to schedule a clean air quality assessment. We use advanced technology to identify the contaminants in the air and determine how dirty it is. Afterward, we can recommend an indoor air quality system to address the IAQ issues in your home. Remember that cleaner air is good for your system and good for you!

We’re Your Comfort Co-Pilot in Galeton

Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC has been in business for more than 31 years. We’ve helped home and business owners find sustainable, eco-friendly solutions for heating and cooling systems. Why are we the best HVAC company in Galeton?

Fully-Certified Technicians

We vet each specialist we hire to ensure they are licensed and certified to work on all systems. Our entire staff is also insured.

24/7 Emergency Service

When it comes to emergencies, we don’t fool around. Call us, and we'll dispatch a technician to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Salute Comfort Club

The Salute Comfort Club is our annual maintenance plan that gives you big savings and perks you can’t find anywhere else.

Financing Available

Get it today and pay later with our flexible financing options through Goodleap. Apply and get approved in seconds.

Discounts and Coupons

We realize that quality service isn’t always cheap. So, we’re always finding new and creative ways to save you money.

High Customer Satisfaction

Go ahead and take a look at our 5-star customer ratings and reviews. We’re proud of our high customer satisfaction rate.

Schedule HVAC Service with Galeton’s Comfort Co-Pilots

We understand that knowing your cost helps you decide what you want to do. Contact us today and get an estimate on ac replacement or repair. We’ll tell you what’s wrong, give you a clear, transparent estimate of parts and labor, and let you decide if we’re the one for you. We provide fast service, quality work, and fair rates. We’re your most trusted HVAC company in Galeton.

Fill out our online form or call Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC for an estimate on HVAC service in Galeton, Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Service in Colorado

Why is my air conditioner leaking water indoors?

Your drain pan or drain pipe may have split or developed a hole. The evaporator coil may have been frozen but is now thawing. We can diagnose the air conditioner to get to the root of the problem. Call (970) 356-4111 to schedule your Galeton AC repair.

What do the error codes on my AC unit mean?

Each code has a particular meaning, such as low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, thermostat malfunctions, or problems with sensors and components. The codes are useful in guiding our techs to the problem so they can fix it. Call Air Solutions to schedule an appointment, and we’ll quickly get your HVAC back up and running.

Why is there weak or no airflow coming from the vents?

Common causes include a dirty air filter restricting airflow or a frozen evaporator coil. Ductwork issues can also include leaks or blockages, blower motor problems, or undersized return vents.

What causes strange noises when the system’s running?What causes strange noises when the system’s running?

Strange noises can be caused by various issues, such as loose components, worn bearings, malfunctioning motors or fans, refrigerant leaks, or debris obstructing the airflow. To easily determine the problem, call us at (970) 356-4111.

Why won't my furnace turn on when I adjust the thermostat?

The thermostat may have issues like incorrect settings, dead batteries, or incompatibility with your furnace system. Other potential problems include bad wiring between the thermostat and furnace, a clogged air filter restricting airflow, or a tripped circuit. Sometimes, homeowners in Galeton forgot to set it to heat instead of cool—check that before calling.

How do I know if I need a ac repair or full replacement?

The rule of thumb is that if repairs cost more than 50 percent of the unit’s current value, a replacement is the smarter option. If you’re constantly repairing the furnace and problems persist; it’s time to replace it.